Grief & Healing

Where there is love, there is healing

Hospice and spiritual care counseling services are available through the Quiet Oaks chaplain and the chaplain services of the hospice agencies.

Quiet Oaks Hospice House partners with churches and congregations of all faiths to serve the needs of residents and their families. Volunteers and advocates of Quiet Oaks play an integral role in caring for the well-being of our residents and families, whatever their needs.

Please ask us about how we can serve and support you in your faith.

Family Standing at Garden

Stories & Tributes

Quiet Oaks offers peace during a difficult time

As a child, being a ‘grown-up’ looked quite enticing. Bedtime — your choice! Snacks whenever. Get money from a job and buy whatever you want. How great is that? Now that I’ve been pretending to be an adult for decades, I know the truth: Reality. Responsibility. And, come Oct. 15, real estate taxes. There’s another […]