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Quiet Oaks is a testament to the strength of the community and its generous support. Because of this support, we’ve helped family members make end-of-life decisions--the hardest  decisions any of us make. We’ve become the end-of-life caregiver,  which gives patients' families the space and time they need. To date, we’ve provided that care for nearly 700 Residents and their families.

Our whole-family approach transforms fear, confusion and exhaustion to comfort, clarity and hope. As a non-profit organization, we rely on  financial support to continue to offer this high level of care, while remaining affordable and accessible.

Quiet Oaks offers peace during a difficult time

As a child, being a ‘grown-up’ looked quite enticing. Bedtime — your choice! Snacks whenever. Get money from a job and buy whatever you want. How great is that? Now that I’ve been pretending to be an adult for decades, I know the truth: Reality. Responsibility. And, come Oct. 15, real estate taxes. There’s another […]