Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Quiet Oaks Hospice House is to provide high quality, personalized care, comfort and dignity to our residents and their families in the remaining days of their life together.

The Quiet Oaks Values


Our residents and their families experience the genuine care and comforts of home-massages, quilts and homemade cookies are all essential elements of care.


Quiet Oaks is a community resource, and we do all we can to ensure we are accessible to all.


Our Gold Standard Care provides comfort, support and dignity twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


At Quiet Oaks, residents and their families feel valued, understood and loved.


We honor and respect each person’s right to live each moment of each day as fully as possible. Residents are in charge of their schedule, and their care on their terms.

Our Story

The loss of three special young men fueled the dream to make Quiet Oaks a reality.

Luke Brown

Before his death in June of 2004, Luke lived 24 full years of life. He gave and received love freely and continues to live through the loved shared with his wife, Marie, his parents Pat and Bob Brown, his brother and many close friends. He had dreams of travel and was passionate about good cooking. He ended his earthly journey surrounded by his closest friends and family in a hospice facility in Wisconsin. Luke’s parents were moved by their experience at the hospice facility and became instrumental in building the vision of Quiet Oaks Hospice House.

Clay Malone

Clay Malone, son of Karen Malone Whitlock and Jim Whitlock, lived his life with contagious optimism and sense of humor. Like many 19 year old’s, he liked sports and was always looking out for his younger brothers. Throughout his battle with cancer, he always insisted that his friends and family keep a sense of humor and be happy. He died in a hospital in his hometown of Mankato, MN in 2005. Clay’s life inspired Dan and Judy Whitlock to gift their country home to become Quiet Oaks Hospice House.

Dan Bauer

Dan Bauer was a loving husband and father. He demonstrated his love for his wife, Deb, and their seven children in both large and small ways that testified to his unending devotion. Dan found his strength in his faith and was very involved in his church. He had quick wit and a zest for life finding happiness even in his most challenging days. Dan’s life and death in 2003 at the age of 48 inspired his brother, Joe Bauer, to lead the effort to build a hospice house in Central Minnesota.

The dreamers, the believers and the sustainers.

Joe and Mary Bauer

Quiet Oaks is most deeply grateful to our FOUNDERS, Joe and Mary Bauer. Their passion ignited the vision for Quiet Oaks. Their values formed the foundation Quiet Oaks is built on. Their faith gave Quiet Oaks its heart. May the work we do here honor them ALWAYS!

These families, connected by their experiences with terminal illness, created a vision for a hospice house in Central Minnesota where individuals could experience comfort at the end of life and where families could be free from the fatigue of care giving.

Quiet Oaks is grateful beyond measure for the efforts and dedication of thousands of people. DREAMERS who first envisioned it was possible to open a hospice house, BELIEVERS who turned that dream into a reality, and SUSTINERS who continue to support us with gifts of time an financial contributions.

Its history and future make it a sacred place where compassion, care and comfort can be provided to those who need it most.

Dan and Judy Whitlock

Judy and Dan Whitlock are local residents and the generous benefactors of this home. Judy and Dan not only blessed Quiet Oaks Hospice House with their home, but have also shared their time, energy, and expertise with this special place.

The timeline of Quiet Oaks, from an idea to a community resource.

December 2005 – Joe & Mary Bauer met Dan & Judy Whitlock – the stars aligned and in an act of faith and generosity, Dan & Judy gifted their home and the 10 acre property for the site of the Hospice House.
2006 – Startup funds of $150,000 were provided by several generous donors including the CentraCare Health Foundation.
2006 – A $3 million capital campaign was launched which would support the construction of the eight resident suites, provide operational funds, and establish endowment.
October 2006 – Quiet Oaks receives 501(c)(3) tax exemption status.
December 2007 – Construction of the resident addition began with the in-kind commitment from Winkelman Building Corporation. There were many sub-contractors that contributed labor and materials valued over $300,000.
May 2006 – September 2008 – Hundreds of volunteers joined forces to care for the home, introduce the project to the community and create systems for operation.
October 2008 – Quiet Oaks Hospice House opens – Making this house, your home.
November 2020 – Quiet Oaks serves it’s 1,000th resident.
February 2022 – Quiet Oaks pays off its debt on the property.

Drawings done by Bob Brown


5537 Galaxy Rd

St. Cloud, MN 56301


Phone: 320-255-5433

Fax: 320-240-7962



Quiet Oaks is a residential home for residents and families facing terminal illness. At Quiet Oaks, we provide an experience that honors and respects the dignity

of our residents and their families by focusing on a team approach to provide comfort and support for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Quiet Oaks is a 501(c)(3) Tax ID 20-3905841