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Hospice care is often viewed as a last resort for the dying, but the journey through hospice is often transformative for both the patient and their family as featured in this beautiful story.

Author: Kent Erdahl

Your loved one is approaching
end-of-life. Know your
hospice care options.

Karin Pauly was her mother’s caregiver and go-to person for 14 years and throughout the final stages of her life. Through all of life’s demands, she realized navigating this journey came with lots of unknowns. From this, a passion to educated others and was born. Karin became familiar with Quiet Oaks when her SIL was a resident here and asked us to be part of her blog.

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‘Walking the last mile’: Hospice services help Minnesotans say goodbye

Though complicated by COVID-19, end-of-life programs are helping more people to define a “good death.”

By KEVYN BURGER Special to the Star Tribune OCTOBER 16, 2020

John and Lanaya Schnettler

Sharing life’s hardships: A bittersweet story of life and death


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