“Those that say there’s no place like home, have never stayed at Quiet Oaks before.”

A residential hospice home nestled on 10 acres of wooded, serene landscaping.

Specializing in compassionate care for our residents and their families offering both hospice and respite care.

“Death teaches us a truth that we were born knowing but have somehow forgotten within the business of life.

That we were always on loan

to each other.

That every moment is sacred.

That it can always end.

And that it will end.

And that this ending,

will be a new beginning.”

-Mira Simone



“I love the peaceful exit our Dad had at Quiet Oaks. I was talking about it tonight as if it was yesterday (it was 14 months ago). Thank you again for taking such good care of our Dad, Melvin Ehlert”

Patricia Ehlert-Abler

“There is a sense of sacredness at Quiet Oaks. The walls of this place, house God’s actions. I don’t know that my dad could have fully anticipated what the Quiet Oaks experience would be like. I do know that if he could have chosen a place that would tend to our broken hearts in the same manner, he would – this would have been it. Who would have thought that the very place that I wanted to run from would become the place I needed most? I am so thankful that in his dying days, I was not administering medication, spending nights worrying about pain or his last breaths, as we were trying to keep him comfortable. Instead, I was snuggled up to my dad, reassuring him that he did an amazing job here and promising him that somehow, we’d be ok when it was time for him to go.”

Mary Botz

“The perfect place for my Mom to spend her last days. Peaceful, caring, kind, loving, and savoring every last bit of her dignity. Prayerful and peaceful. Helping her to the other side of eternal love and life.”

Christine Anderson


“They did such a wonderful job caring for my mom during her last two weeks of life. Not only did they care for her, they cared for all of us. I am so grateful for every single person at Quiet Oaks!”

Shannon Abel

“My grandma spent her final days on earth here at Quiet Oaks. She died with grace and dignity thanks to the amazing people here that helped usher her into heaven. My family and I will forever be grateful to all of you for sharing your amazing gifts with not only the dying, but with those of us struggling to say goodbye.”

Lisa Lund Johnson

“Mom wanted to die at home. It was her somewhat reluctant decision that brought her and us to Quiet Oaks. She was a woman of strong faith who did not want to end up back in the hospital, and did not want to be a burden on us. It was a hard decision for her, and us, to pack up the things from her life and walk away from the house she knew as home.

We were able to stay with mom every day and night, and were provided the best home-cooked meals during her time there. Quiet Oaks made us all feel very much at home.”

Darin Luehrs

Quiet Oaks Hospice House Virtual Tour

If you would like to see inside Quiet Oaks Hospice House, click below for a virtual tour. Once inside, use your mouse or finger to click on the white circles to proceed through the house. Enjoy!

Tour courtesy of Neil Theisen-Central MN Realty



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Quiet Oaks is a residential home for residents and families facing terminal illness. At Quiet Oaks, we provide an experience that honors and respects the dignity

of our residents and their families by focusing on a team approach to provide comfort and support for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Quiet Oaks is a 501(c)(3) Tax ID 20-3905841