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Daughter of a Quiet Oaks Resident

If you or a loved one is facing terminal illness with complex medical symptoms, I strongly encourage you to consider Quiet Oaks. When our mother's cancer returned and affected her stomach, she experienced severe pain and nausea.

David Lee

I had known few things about hospice other than the comfort [and] care that a person received during the last days of life. Indeed, John received what I described as overwhelming care and support to keep him as comfortable as possible during his final days.

Diane Rotnem

These shared memories will sustain us all, not only through the coming days, but for the rest of our days. We will all miss her and will need to draw strength from these memories.

Geno Beniek

My beloved wife of 36+ years died of metastatic breast cancer in March 2009. In spite of the excellent in-home hospice care she was receiving, it was a very difficult decision to realize that our family could no longer care for her at our home.

Jebb Willis

My Dad moved into Quiet Oaks Hospice House in August of 2009. He passed away in December of 2009.

Jill Pundsack

My dad, John/"Jack"/"Pops" Paulsen passed into a world that involves travel with hummingbirds. .

Julie Meyer

I can't say enough about our experience at Quiet Oaks! Mom's fears about going there were soon alleviated by the wonderful care that was given to her. She settled right in and actually improved for a time.

Kelly Purdy

We discovered Quiet Oaks the day before my Mom was being moved from Abbott to N. C.

Leanne and Rick Jaskowiak

Our Dad and father-in-law, Adam Jaskowiak, was at Quiet Oaks about four months in 2009. From the first time we walked through the doors, we knew this was a very special place.

Loei Bahe

Our experience at Quiet Oaks Hospice House was an incredibly positive one during a very heartbreaking time. After weeks of caring for my mother at her home, the time had come when we had to accept the fact that we were no longer able to manage her pain effectively.

Mark Angermeier and Family

My father had a long tough journey to get to Quiet Oaks. And when he arrived on Sep.

Martha Schelonka

Thank you for the wonderful experience and the good meal. It was a pleasure to come and experience the good care provided in this facility.

Mary Unger and Family

Recently our family lost our beloved husband and father. As Jack's life was ending, we transferred him to Quiet Oaks Hospice Care in St.

Pat and Family

I've seen death over the years in the hospital and the nursing home and it was never pretty (nor was it meant to be) but the PEACE the ACCEPTANCE and the TRANQUILITY that you just feel when you experience Quiet Oaks is unbelievable (and we were only there a couple of hours). Thanks for finding (making) dad a "better home" to die in then his apartment in [name removed]!!.

Robert, Anthony and Annika Schwartz

Thank you Joe and the Quiet Oaks staff for the wonderful care you provided to my wife, Julie, and to our family during the last few days of Julie's life. Julie was cared for with compassion and respect to the point of staff treating her like a close family member.

Shannon, Tammy, Tom, and Terry Templin

The outstanding care and compassion our mother received at Quiet Oaks was absolutely amazing. From the moment she arrived we knew she going to receive top quality care and compassion.

Steven and Heidi Schack

Hospice is a hard decision for family members to make for a loved one. From the moment we walked through the doors of Quiet Oaks to take a tour of the facility, we all knew this is where our mother needed to be.

The Family of Al Sis

We know we made the right choice when we picked Quiet Oaks for our dad's palliative care. We will forever be comforted by our choice of Quiet Oaks.

Tom and Elaine Holscher

My husband's sister, Lil Stromback, was a resident of your home this past week and we, as part of her family, just feel so blessed and comforted by everything that each and every one of you did for each of us while visiting Lil. Because of the wonderful care she received it made her journey to death one of peace and tranquility for each of us and we cannot thank you enough.

Trish Skahan

Experiences shape us and change how we perceive and cope with any given situation. As I stood in a Rochester Hospital corridor the voice of Joe Bauer was one of comfort and understanding.

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KARE-11 story about Quiet Oaks

Here's the link to KARE-11's beautiful story about Quiet Oaks.

Quiet Oaks is a residential home for residents and families facing terminal illness. At Quiet Oaks, we provide an experience that honors and respects the dignity of our residents and their families by focusing on a team approach to provide comfort and support for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Quiet Oaks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit



Considering a tax-deductible donation to Quiet Oaks before Dec. 31? 

With the new tax law, you may be better able to benefit from charitable giving as an itemized deduction on your 2017 taxes. What you give now could be more valuable to you this year than next. Your gift of any size will help others live out their lives encircled with comfort, pain management, and respect.   Donate online(above) or mail your check to Quiet Oaks Hospice House, PO Box 1241, St Cloud, MN 56301.