Let your memories live on

Perhaps the best way for us to tell you about Quiet Oaks is to show you what others have said about their Quiet Oaks experience. Many times people are reluctant to talk openly about death and end of life issues. However, when a person receives compassionate care and expert pain and symptom management, the final days, weeks or months can be filled with dignity, grace and love. Read what family members of our residents have to say about Quiet Oaks.

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Quiet Oaks offers peace during a difficult time

As a child, being a ‘grown-up’ looked quite enticing. Bedtime — your choice! Snacks whenever. Get money from a job and buy whatever you want. How great is that? Now that I’ve been pretending to be an adult for decades, I know the truth: Reality. Responsibility. And, come Oct. 15, real estate taxes. There’s another […]

KARE 11’s beautiful story about Quiet Oaks

Hospice care is often viewed as a last resort for the dying, which many people avoid until the very end, but the journey through hospice is often transformative for both the patient and their family as featured in this beautiful story about Quiet Oaks.

Pat and Family

I just had to take the time to tell you I can’t stop thinking about Quiet Oaks! I knew you two had devoted a lot of time to the place but you really put your HEART and SOUL into it didn’t you…and it shows!! In the beginning, I was thinking “well what a great business […]