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My husband, Steve, battled pancreatic cancer for almost two years, bravely and confidently, until the cancer took control. When he arrived at Quiet Oaks one Thursday night in June, he had taken a turn for the worse. From the time we arrived at Quiet Oaks, until his passing 5 days later, he was treated with care and respect. My children and I spent the days and nights there, to be with him, and we too were treated very well. Thank you so much for the amazing care he received during his last days, and for all the kindness shown to our family by the entire staff at Quiet Oaks.


Heidi Stiegel

Sauk Rapids MN

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What to Expect

Volunteer Training At Quiet Oaks Hospice House.

After your initial interview, you will begin the process of becoming a very integral part of our Quiet Oaks team.  You will be required to have two manteaux tests which are provided free for Quiet Oaks volunteers.  You will read the volunteer manual and review it with the volunteer coordinator and begin to understand almost everything there is to know about Quiet Oaks.  You will also tour all the areas of the hospice house.


You will then be paired with two separate "seasoned" volunteers and will shadow each of them for one, four-hour shift. After these two sessions you should have a good feel for what being a Quiet Oaks volunteer is all about. You can work with an experienced volunteer as many times as needed for you to feel comfortable working alone.


Our goal is to have a volunteer team that embodies the essence of kindness, compassion, respect and caring. We will do our part as staff members to offer guidance and training in that same atmosphere.



Click HERE for our volunteer manual.