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My husband, Steve, battled pancreatic cancer for almost two years, bravely and confidently, until the cancer took control. When he arrived at Quiet Oaks one Thursday night in June, he had taken a turn for the worse. From the time we arrived at Quiet Oaks, until his passing 5 days later, he was treated with care and respect. My children and I spent the days and nights there, to be with him, and we too were treated very well. Thank you so much for the amazing care he received during his last days, and for all the kindness shown to our family by the entire staff at Quiet Oaks.


Heidi Stiegel

Sauk Rapids MN

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Trish Skahan


Experiences shape us and change how we perceive and cope with any given situation. As I stood in a Rochester Hospital corridor the voice of Joe Bauer was one of comfort and understanding. I was in the process of trying to decide emotionally and financially how I could make the days for my mother the very best. My heart told me from the moment I heard his voice and received information that my mom's life was in the most gracious of hands. His voice of care calmed me and gave me confidence that this was just the right place. He met with me on our arrival and clearly his intent and purpose to provide love and comfort was in every word. We moved my mom to Quiet Oaks, and the days she was there were touched by the loving hands and hearts of people of grace and love.

Quiet Oaks is a haven of beauty. The surroundings hold the comfort of being in a beautiful home. Every nuance speaks to spaces of comfort and peace. We were invited for meals being graciously served and were encouraged to be part of "the family" of Quiet Oaks.

The interactions of St. Cloud Hospice gave me a sense of peace and with each interaction someone wanted to know our story. Jan wanted to hear about my mom. The thing I found so comforting was their unhurried love and compassion. Their willingness to join you on this very difficult journey. My mom was treated with gentle unhurried hands, attended to constantly. Deb and Lou were angels that ministered to my mom as well as to us. It was so clear to us that the nurses, and staff had chosen with their expertise in the field of medicine this journey of hospice care. Dr. Lalley sat with us and spoke honestly and clearly with such love of this journey my mother had embarked upon; it was the respect for the journey of life as well as the the dignity of the journey of death that impacted Chuck and me. As each nurse touched and cared for my mom I was amazed at their respect and tenderness. Their complete focus was her comfort. I marvel at the amazing power of Heidi's gift of healing touch. My belief is that my mother's spirit was lifted to the heavens in those moments. I had watched her experience such pain and finally she was at peace. The healing touch embraced both her spirit and her physical being. Michelle slipped a cross into my mom's hand and prayed with us. The cross mom held is right next to my bed, and its power of God's promises will remain ever new.

My heart and mind are so grateful, and I feel at peace because my mom's journey to the next world was truly orchestrated by your kindness. As the cardinals took flight from the bird feeders outside her window that day; her spirit, too took flight to the "new place", a heaven for which we all aspire.
I shall be forever thankful for the gifts you all shared with my mom. What an incredible place of love!


Trish Skahan
Sauk Rapids MN