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My husband, Steve, battled pancreatic cancer for almost two years, bravely and confidently, until the cancer took control. When he arrived at Quiet Oaks one Thursday night in June, he had taken a turn for the worse. From the time we arrived at Quiet Oaks, until his passing 5 days later, he was treated with care and respect. My children and I spent the days and nights there, to be with him, and we too were treated very well. Thank you so much for the amazing care he received during his last days, and for all the kindness shown to our family by the entire staff at Quiet Oaks.


Heidi Stiegel

Sauk Rapids MN

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Jill Pundsack


My dad, John/"Jack"/"Pops" Paulsen passed into a world that involves travel with hummingbirds...

At 6:09 AM Sunday August 22, the beginning of a new day was dawning right outside his window. I was sleeping with him. Lynn, the nurse, had just come in to help dad & I to turn in unison and tucked us in. Dad had begun to perspire so Lynn changed his clothes and gently bathed him. I was chattering away about the "promise of a new day" and " there was light and hope on the horizon". I said to a sleeping daddy, " Let's open the windows so we can hear the first bird sound. Well, the frogs were croaking away and the fog rolled right into the room. It was a fresh and glorious smell. I was a bit chilly so I scampered back to bed laying back to back with my dad, still chattering away.

Then a hummingbird came to the feeder and sat and drank for many moments. Soon, there were 6 or 7 with their little squeeks serenading us. I was so excited to see so many so close. I said to my dad, "look at all these hummers, dad. They are all looking in here at us. It's like they want us to come out to them. The feeder is full. I wonder what they want..." Dad made a heavy sigh sound and then I realized his back wasn't moving with my back. I reached over my shoulder to touch his "breathing" but all was still... I got up and went to dad's side of the bed and knelt down facing him. He looked so calm and quiet. Dad had gone with the hummingbirds to the next world.

It was all so peace-filled. A shock and yet not a shock.... Once dad's body cooled after his death, the hummingbirds dissappeared for several hours. They were gone on a mission with my dad!


Jill Pundsack
Sauk Rapids, MN