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My husband, Steve, battled pancreatic cancer for almost two years, bravely and confidently, until the cancer took control. When he arrived at Quiet Oaks one Thursday night in June, he had taken a turn for the worse. From the time we arrived at Quiet Oaks, until his passing 5 days later, he was treated with care and respect. My children and I spent the days and nights there, to be with him, and we too were treated very well. Thank you so much for the amazing care he received during his last days, and for all the kindness shown to our family by the entire staff at Quiet Oaks.


Heidi Stiegel

Sauk Rapids MN

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Daughter of a Quiet Oaks Resident


If you or a loved one is facing terminal illness with complex medical symptoms, I strongly encourage you to consider Quiet Oaks. When our mother's cancer returned and affected her stomach, she experienced severe pain and nausea. We tried to keep her comfortable at home, but her symptoms changed constantly and we just couldn't stay ahead of the pain. That's when we decided to bring mom to Quiet Oaks. The medical director and nursing staff worked tirelessly to manage her symptoms. When mom's symptoms would change or worsen, they responded immediately to ensure her comfort. We are so grateful for the expert medical care mom received, but that's not all. The people at Quiet Oaks treated mom like a Queen. The soothing baths, massages, warm hugs and great conversations were as therapeutic as the medications - maybe even more so. Our mother experienced love and dignity in her last few weeks. Because she was more comfortable, our time together was spent telling stories and sharing memories. In addition to family, many special friends came to visit. My mom's last few weeks were filled with people telling her how much she meant to them. As a family, we will continue to support Quiet Oaks through volunteering and through donations. It is our hope that the wonderful care mom received will be available to anyone in our community who needs it. Quiet Oaks is an incredible gift to our community.


Daughter of a Quiet Oaks Resident
St Cloud, MN