Join the Oak Tree Society

Quiet Oaks has a special new group of friends and you are invited to join. The Oak Tree Society is a giving club that helps strengthen our roots so we can move confidently into the future. Members of this club are as passionate as we are about our mission. They share our belief that providing professional, dignified care to those who have reached end-of-life is necessary and important work- and helping family members find peace amidst this devastation is essential. They believe that what we do is what they, their family and friends, and our community needs.

Member commitment

Members of the Society are committed to making an annual gift of $1,200 or more to Quiet Oaks for a minimum of three years.

Member Benefits

  • Invitation to all Quiet Oaks events and special occasions
  • Recognition at the Quiet Oaks Autumn Reflections celebration
  • Newsletter, website and social media recognition
  • On-site donor recognition - Tree of Life
  • Annual Oak Tree Society Dinner
  • Satisfaction in joining other dedicated members investing in Quiet Oak’s future
  • Secure and automatic processing of your annual donation
  • Tax deduction
  • Free cookies any time you visit

I'm interesting in joining the Oak Tree Society

Please contact me to get started.


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