Healing Touch and Quiet Oaks

Ginny Green, Director of Nursing at Quiet Oaks, helped present research studies and results on Healing Touch at the Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care in April. This conference brings together Hospice and Palliative care providers from Minnesota and 14 other states. As Ginny pointed out, “Minnesota is a front runner in the hospice and palliative care industry. There is legislative support here and a wide variety of hospice facilities in Minnesota. This conference brings together both for-profit and non-profit hospice houses to help provide education and support. Information is shared which can ultimately help residents and families.”
She, along with Debra Day Laxon (Certified Healing Touch Practioner and volunteer at Quiet Oaks) and Bridget Klein (Registered Nurse at the St. Cloud Hospital, within the CentraCare Heart and Vascular Center), spoke about Healing Touch, as a non-pharmacological modality for pain management in hospital and hospice settings. Ginny said, “Healing Touch works to help reduce pain levels, and work in conjunction with pain medicine.” Healing Touch specifically is “a nursing intervention that is a heart-centered energy therapy using gentle touch.”
Healing Touch has been a treatment option for residents at Quiet Oaks for about 4 years, to help pain medicine work more efficiently and reduce anxiety for both residents and family members.

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  1. Quiet Oaks made my Mother s last days as comfortable as humanly possible. We could be family, not just caregivers. All the staff became trusted friends and the rural setting complete with deer, squirrels and birds at her window made this difficult journey special in many ways. It was like being at my rich uncle s home. Mom enjoyed the spa and we enjoyed the home cooked meals and comfortable living room. We were surprised that we got this country club facility for same cost of a typical nursing home providing end-of-life care.

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