Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Quiet Oaks Hospice House is to provide high quality, personalized care, comfort, and dignity to our residents and their families in the remaining days of their life together.

Our Quiet Oaks Values

Comfort: Our residents and their families experience the genuine care and comforts of home—massages, quilts and homemade cookies are all essential elements of care.

Support: Quiet Oaks is a community resource, and we do all we can to ensure we are accessible to all.

Care: Our Gold Standard Care provides comfort, support and dignity – 24/7 – no exceptions.

Compassion: At Quiet Oaks, residents and their families feel valued, understood and loved.

Dignity: We honor and respect each person's right to live each moment of each day as fully as possible. Residents are in charge of their schedule, and their care on their terms.

Peace Be Unto Thee